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Conference Room at The Irwin Zone
Board of Directors’ Meeting:  February 22, 2012
Eric Petell            Joe Dee                Dana Ritchie                       Jeff Stone
Eric Nelson          Katie Reid            Bill Salta                            Greg Lounsbury
Rob Reid arrived @6:30
CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to order at 6:06. 
SECRETARY'S REPORT:  Minutes from January 25, 2012 meeting were approved. 8-0.
TREASUEER'S REPORT:  It was discussed and agreed upon among board members to have Eric Petell added as the only signer to all accounts until contact was made with Roger as to whether or not he will be able to continue as treasurer.
PRESIDENTS REPORT:  Registrations after dates of 2/4 and 2/18 are low.  The board agreed to hold an additional sign up on 3/8 6:30-8pm.  Eric Nelson will send a press release announcing this additional sign up.
•           Open Board Positions:  Umpire in Chief is still open; Gary Noyes is interested in a limited role assisting in schedules, etc.  Jack Batchelder has still remained in discussions to have a training role for new umpires as needed.  Gary will try to be at the next meeting.
•           Safety plan, constitution and bi-laws were briefly discussed and a date is to be determined when these need to be finalized.
•           District II fee $200 was discussed; this fee covers various related district costs
•           Open Board Position: On a vote of 8-0 Greg Lounsbury was approved by the board to oversee both the tee-ball and the instructional division.
•           Major Division Managers:  Eric Petell nominated the following as managers in the major division for the 2012 season:
o          Joe Dee
o          Clem Lachance
o          Rob Turpin
o          Don Doherty
o          Brent McCrea
All of the above were approved by the board members present with a vote of 8-0.
It was discussed that we needed a permit for the parade.
Tentative dates were put out for discussion about when to develop teams for the minor, coach and tee ball divisions; this is tentatively set for Wednesday March 21.  A coaches meeting is tentatively set for March 31 at the Laconia room to discuss the season and give out equipment.
There being no other business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 7:30.