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Laconia Little League: “Providing Programs for the City’s Youth for 58 Seasons”
Laconia Room at Colby Field, Opechee Park
June 8, 2010

Role Call:  The following members were present:
Mary Nyhan                Julie Westcott             Eric Nelson                 Justin Silva                 Tammy Johnson
Ron O’Connor             Jeff McGarry              Jeff Stone                    Lora Friend                
Steve Weeks (non-Board Member)
Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.
Secretary’s Report:              Ron O’Connor, Jr. presented Minutes from May 11, 2010 and the minutes were approved by the Board.  Ron will post minutes to website on June 9, 2010.
Treasurer’s Report:Mary Nyhan went over balances in accounts.
President’s Report and Old Business:  President Mary Nyhan reported on the following items;
A)  Formal Written Complaint:  Mary Nyhan reported on a formal written complaint of a Major League Baseball coach from a June 2010 incident during a softball game against Belmont.   The incident was placed on file, with the understanding that repeat incident of this type would result in suspension, at the recommendation of the Softball Coordinator, who was present at the time of the incident.  The Major League Coach was invited to speak of the incident and he did not show up.   
B) Bill Tuttle Memorial Mass/Memory Benches/Flag Pole Beautification:   Mary Nyhan reported that Bill Tuttle’s Memorial Mass would be held on Saturday June 19, 2010 at 10:00am at Sacred Heart Church.  Donations made to the Laconia Little League in memory of Bill should be sent to Mary Nyhan.  Funds from the Memorial Donations will be used for Flag Pole beautification this year and years to come.  It was also noted that Dick Colby’s Bench is in, along with Bill Tuttle’s bench.  Dick Colby’s bench does not have his name on it yet.
C) :  Memory Wall: Mary Nyhan advised the Board that the Memory Wall in the Laconia Room will now be filled with Bill Tuttle’s pictures.  It was also noted that the Television from upstairs is now in the Laconia Room.
D) Softball Dugout Construction:   Mary Nyhan reported to the Board that Dave Plourde and his crew are working diligently on the dugouts.  Work will be performed Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13 and that Carpenters and Laborers are needed for both days.
E) Scoreboard for Colby Field:  Mary Nyhan reported that Jim MacDonald has the scoreboard repaired after many, many hours of donated time.  Mary Nyhan requested, and the Board approved, a gift certificate for Jim MacDonald and his two employees that spent over 40 hours on the Scoreboard. 
F) Equipment Retrieval – End of Season:  Mary Nyhan requested thatRon O’Connor send an e-mail to all Managers and Coaches about bringing their equipment to the equipment room this Saturday,  June 13, 2010, whereas the regular season is over on that day.
A) Tee Ball Report:  Justin Silva reported that Tee Ball’s only issue was teams not showing up for Concession Stand Duty.   It was also suggested that for next season the earliest Tee Ball game should be 9:00am, instead of the current 8:00am.  It was also suggested that every Tee Ball team has a Team Parent on the bench at all times.
D) Coach-Pitch Report:  Eric Nelson reported that the level of play in the Coach-Pitch division was much better since the introduction of practices once a week in the Division.  Eric also requested a Porta-Potty at Pleasant Street and the Board approved this for next season.
E)  Softball Report:   Lora Friend reported that Softball needs clickers for Softball Teams, 1 umpire mask for each Softball team in Major and Minor Divisions.  Lora also suggested 9:00am and Noon Saturday game times.
Ron O’Connor, Jr. requested better communication from the Softball teams about incomplete games, game scores and rescheduled games.
F) Baseball Report:   Bill Salta reported that Major Baseball umpires were ok, had a few complaints from game on June 7, 2010.  Bill also reported that Minor Baseball was having issues fielding a team of 9 players, when they only have 9 players to start with.  Bill is also suggesting 2 mounds in Field C to give kids a better chance at pitching strikes.  Bill also suggested Coach-Pitch kids pitching every other inning and Coaches every other inning to help build up the quality of pitchers in Minor Baseball.
G) Umpire Report:   Jack Batchelder was not present, so there was no report. 
A)- Volunteers to Grill:  Jeff Stone, Bill Salta, Jeff McGarry, Dave Plourde and Jack Batchelder will grill.
B)   Order Grills, Etc:   Roger Marceau will order grills and Dave Plourde will pick them up.   Tee Ball and Coach-Pitch teams are to bring desserts.  Major and Minor Baseball and Softball to bring salads.  Laconia Little League will supply burgers, dogs and drinks.
C)   Time:   After a brief discussion, it was decided the Picnic would be Saturday June 19, 2010 at 2:00pm.
  1. First Place- Major Baseball:    Cantins
  2. First Place– Major Softball:    RFS
  3. First Place– Minor Baseball:   Granite State Glass
  4. First Place– Minor Softball:    PACT
  5. All Twelve-Year Olds:   Major and Minor Baseball, Major and Minor Softball
  6. Dick Fields Memorial/ Special Recognition:    Dick Fields – unsure / Special – Artie Johnson (40 years)
  7. Dorothea Tuttle Award:   Voted by Minor Softball Managers (Wayne Thayer and Bob Champlin)
  8. Joseph Arruda Award:   Volunteer Extraordinaire (voted by President)
  9. Mr. Little League:    Voted by Major Baseball Managers (done at meeting this Monday)
  10. Miss Little League:   Voted by Major Softball Managers (Katie Fecteau)
  11. Paul Ouellette Award:   Voted by Minor Baseball Managers  (Managers have been e-mailed)
  12. Jason Charland Award:   Voted by Junior All-Star Managers and Coaches

New Business

       A)   Tournament Schedule:  Mary Nyhan reported on the Tournament Schedules and the fact that the 8/9 All-Star parents are required to perform 2 days of Concession Stand Duty each.  Mary also reported that we are in need of many Concession Stand workers, whereas no children are allowed in the Concession Stand.  Also will need announcer, scoreboard operator, pitch-count (nor for Jr. All-Stars) and game book keeper for each Tournament Game.   Tryouts for Jr All-Stars and 9/10 All-Stars dates were set. 

       B)   Thank Yous:   Mary Nyhan requested that Thank Yous be sent to Gilford Well (Trevor Harris), Dugout construction folks (Dave Plourde has the list), Chad Richter for lock box,  Rob Bolduc for home plate and base anchors,  Taylor Rental for grills and cement mixer. 

      C)   All-Star Manager Nominees:  8/9 All-Stars:  1st team – Clem Lachance    2nd team – Eric Petell
                                                         9/10 All-Stars:  Don Doherty
                                                        11/12 All-Stars:  Bill Salta
      D)  Metrocast:    Metrocast willing to provide free internet access in exchange for team fee
      E)   Concession Stand Cleaning:   It was recommended to get a quote for thoroughly cleaning the                      Concession Stand at the end of May, end of June and end of Season.   Tri-state cleaning will be requested for a quote.
      F)   Concern about Board Conversations:   A Board Member brought up concerns about Board private conversations outside of Board Meetings.   It was noted and discussed.
Motion to adjourn at 8:15pm.  All approved.
Next meeting:   September 13, 2010 at 6:30 in the Laconia Room at Colby Field.