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Laconia Little League: “Providing Programs for the City’s Youth for 58 Seasons”
Laconia Room at Colby Field, Opechee Park
May 11, 2010

Role Call:  The following members were present:
Mary Nyhan                Dave Plourde             Julie Westcott              Eric Nelson                  Justin Silva
Ron O’Connor              Jeff McGarry              Jeff Stone                    Lora Friend                 Tammy Johnson
Bill Salta                     Jack Batchelder          John Silva                              
Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:23 pm.
Secretary’s Report:              Ron O’Connor, Jr. presented Minutes from April 12, 2010 and the minutes were approved by the Board.  Ron will post minutes to website on May 12, 2010.
Treasurer’s Report:Mary Nyhan went over balances in accounts and reported that a porta-potty was installed at Woodland Heights, due to construction on Field D dugouts.  It was also noted that bread should not be stored in refridgerator or freezer and the floors need to be swept well every day & mopped on Wednesday and Saturdays.
President’s Report and Old Business:  President Mary Nyhan reported on the following items;
A)  Formal Written Complaint:  Mary Nyhan reported on a formal written complaint of a coach on a May 1st incident.  The Executive Committee’s recommendation was read, the coach involved heard from and a discussion followed.   The Board of Directors voted on 2 recommendations and approved both recommendations. 
B) Porta-potty at Woodland Heights:   Mary Nyhan updated that when the Executive Board met, the need for a porta-potty at Woodland Heights, due to practices and games being held there because of construction and rain-out games, was discussed and approved.  Mary wanted to clarify when and why the decision was made.
C) Legion Manager:   Mary Nyhan advised the Board that the Manager for the Legion Major League Baseball team has resigned due to an incident with a parent.    Heidi Therrien was nominated as a replacement Manager for Legion, which was approved by the Board.
D) BelmontUmpire Situation:   Mary Nyhan advised the Board that she had received several complaints from Laconia Managers about the umpire situation in Belmont.  Often times there had been no umpire and parents from Belmont were umpiring.   Mary stated that Tracey LeClair, Belmont President, has assured her that Belmont will have umpires every Saturday game in Belmont for the rest of the season.  It was also recommended that if parents are needed to umpire, that one be from Belmont and one be from Laconia.  Jack Batchelder also suggested that Tracey LeClair could call him to see if he had any umpires available.
E) Memory Benches:  Dave Plourde reported that George Hawkins is to dig, Persons to pour pads this week, and that the spelling of Bert Decormier’s bench was incorrect and being fixed. 
F) Memory Wall:  Mary Nyhan thanked Tim Westcott for building the wall and Jack Batchelder for coming up with the idea.
G) Softball Dugout Construction:   Dave Plourde reported that the pads are poured, that we need masons, carpenters and laborers and that there may be some costs that will be picked up by donors.  The Board approved the expenditures needed for materials in order to complete the dugouts, realizing the cost will be recovered.
H) Flagpole Beautification:  Mary Nyhan reported that the flowers in the flagpole area will need to be replaced in June.
A) Parade/Opening Day Raffle:  Mary Nyhan led a discussion on Opening Day and the Raffle.  The Board felt things went well on Opening Day.  Mary thanked Lora Friend for gathering the Raffle prizes.
B) Concession Schedule/Officer of the Day Schedule:  Mary Nyhan asked that any changes to these schedules be reported to Ron O’Connor, Jr. so he can change it on the website.
C) Tee Ball Report:  Justin Silva reported that Tee Ball had no issues at this time.
D) Coach-Pitch Report:  Eric Nelson reported that there was some confusion on the 4th inning rule and that he would e-mail the coaches and managers for clarification.
E)  Softball Report:   Lora Friend reported that Softball could use some umpires.
F) Baseball Report:   Bill Salta had no Major Baseball issues or requests at this time.  Bill also reported that there was an incident where an umpire called a game due to rain and the Managers wanted to continue it, but that once the game is called by the umpire, there is no continuation of play at that point.
G) Umpire Report:   Jack Batchelder reported that his umpires have all been showing up and things have gone well. 
New Business
A) Oil in Fryolator:  It was reported that the oil level in the Fryolator needs to be checked regularly.
Motion to adjourn at 8:25pm.  All approved.
Next meeting:  May 24, 2010 at 7:30 in the Laconia Room at Colby Field.