Pledge I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best.

My my My my

Laconia Little League: “Providing Programs for the City’s Youth for 58 Seasons”
Laconia Room at Colby Field, Opechee Park

April 12, 2010

Role Call:  The following members were present:
Mary Nyhan                Dave Plourde              Julie Westcott             Roger Marceau           Eric Nelson    
Ron O’Connor              Jeff McGarry              Jeff Stone                   Lora Friend                 Tammy Johnson
Bill Salta                     Jack Batchelder                                 
Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.
Secretary’s Report:   Ron O’Connor, Jr. presented Minutes from March 8, 2010 and the minutes were approved by the Board.  Ron will post minutes to website on April 13, 2010.
Treasurer’s Report:Roger Marceau went over balances in accounts and recent bills that came in for uniforms and setting up the concession stand.
President’s Report and Old Business:  President Mary Nyhan reported on the following items;
A)  Flag Pole Area:  Mary Nyhan, Bill Salta, Matt Mooney and their families pulled out dead shrubs from around the Flag Pole.   The idea would be to put 3 benches in front of the plaques of Dick Colby, Bill Tuttle and Bert Decormier, and mulch in a circle with flowers and benches on the mulch.   Motion was made by Ron O’Connor, Jr. to purchase the supplies and seconded by Lora Friend.  Motion accepted.
B) Opening Day:   12 year olds for the pledge will be Andrew Salta and Robin Friend.  James Salta will catch first pitch for Baseball and Nikki Patten will catch first pitch for Softball.
C) Parade:   Mary Nyhan gave an update that the Parade is all set.  Mayor will be walking in parade.  We will supply him a shirt.   Police Captain is coming in to speak.   Father Matt is coming from St. Joseph’s.
D) Raffle Update:   Lora Friend reported on all of the Gift Certificates she had received from local businesses.  We also have 4 bats and a $50 Walmart Gift card will be used for those that registered online and ontime.   Lora was thanked by Mary and the Board for her efforts.
E) Game Schedules:  Mary Nyhan reported that all game schedules are finalized and ready to print. 
F) Officer of the Day and Concession Stand Schedules:  Mary Nyhan handed out copies of the Officer of the Day Schedule and the Concession Stand Schedules.  Mary noted that Board Members are Officer of the Day on the same day that their teams are scheduled for Concession Stand Duty.
G) Tee Ball Report:  Tee Ball Coordinator was not present.
H) Coach-Pitch Report:  Eric Nelson reported that Rob Bolduc put home plate in for Coach-Pitch at Pleasant Street School.  Eric also reported that Giguere Electric and Chad Richter have once again had a lock box coming to store the bases and act as a lost and found.   Scorebooks were given to Eric tonight by Mary Nyhan.  Mary Nyhan reported that we had an additional 6-year old that will join Ippolitto’s Furniture.
I)  Softball Report:   Lora Friend requested Porta-potties at Woodland Heights.  Lora also requested knee savers to be purchased at Piche’s.
J) Baseball Report:   Bill Salta had no issues or requests at this time.
K) Umpire Report:   Jack Batchelder listed all names of Umpires and they were approved by the Board.  It was noted that some of the Umpires still need background checks.   Umpires shirts have been purchased. 
L)_Field Clean-up Report:  It was noted that Field Clean-up is Sunday April 18, 2010 at 8:00am.  This is a rain or shine event.
M) Memory Benches:  Dave Plourde reported that the pads for the Memory benches will be poured the same day as the Softball dugout pads. Scoreboard for Field D is still inoperative.   Lora and Rod Friend will work on before next meeting.
N)  Softball Dugouts:  Dave Plourde reported that all of the materials are together.  George Hawkins will dig for us.  Dawson’s will build pads for dugouts.   Boulia-Gorrell is donating materials.   Construction is expected to start the week after Opening Day.
O)  Uniforms:   Teams that have not picked up uniforms can all Mary Nyhan to make arrangements to pick them up.
New Business
A) Request by Vendor:  A request was made Eric Jordan to sell his novelty ice cream treats.  A discussion about this resulted in the idea being tabled for now.
B) Softball Registration Forms:  Ron O’Connor, Jr. reported he was still missing 5 or 6 Softball Registrations for input into the website and loaded onto their respective teams.  Tammy Johnson stated she would get them to Ron.
C) Softball Games – Opening Day:   Mary Nyhan discussed an Opening Day round robin.  It was decided that two 3-inning games would be played that DO NOT count in the standings.   First game would be RFS vs. Net and the second game would be the Winner of Game 1 vs. Gilford Well.
D)  Amp System/PA System:   The need for repair or replacement to the PA System for Colby Field was discussed.    The Board agreed to allow Eric Nelson to spend up to $2,000 to repair or replace the system.
Motion to adjourn at 7:35pm.  All approved.
Next meeting:  May 11, 2010 at 7:30 in the Laconia Room at Colby Field.