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Laconia Little League: “Providing Programs for the City’s Youth for 58 Seasons”

Conference Room at the Irwin Zone

March 8, 2010




Role Call:  The following members were present:


Mary Nyhan                           Dave Plourde              Julie Westcott             Justin Silva           Eric Nelson

Ron O’Connor                        John Silva                   Jeff Stone                    Lora Friend          Tammy Johnson

Francis Rowley


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.


Secretary’s Report:              Ron O’Connor, Jr. presented Minutes from January 11, 2010 and the minutes were approved by the Board.  Ron will post minutes to website on March 9, 2010.


Treasurer’s Report: Not in attendance


President’s Report and Old Business:  President Mary Nyhan reported on the following items;


A)  Saturday Baseball/Softball Clinics:  Mary Nyhan discussed the Saturday Clinics.   The clinics went very well and have now concluded.  Ron O’Connor, Jr. will remove the remaining dates from the website.


B) Equipment:   Jeff Stone reported out on the equipment and made suggestions on where we could cut equipment costs.   The finalized list of equipment was approved by the Board.


C) Parade:   Mary Nyhan gave an update that the Parade permit was approved on Friday, January 8, 2010.


D) Numbers per Division:   Mary Nyhan reported that the numbers per division are not finalized as of yet.


E) Sponsorships and Uniforms:  Mary Nyhan reported that Sponsorships and Uniforms are to be finalized the week of March 9, 2010. 


F) Team Selections/Player Distribution:  Mary Nyhan reported that Team Selections and Player Distribution are in process.


G) Donations for Opening Day Raffle:  Dave Plourde will assist Lora Friend in collecting donations for the Opening Day Raffle.


H) ASAP Approval:  Mary Nyhan reported that Laconia Little League has completed ASAP and is the first League in the State to be approved.   This will result in a 20% discount on our insurance for the League.


I)  Umpires for Softball/Baseball:   Dave Plourde stated that he had 3 Umpires confirmed for Softball.  He also stated that scheduling them would be tight and that there would be no Umpires for Minor Softball.   It was also stated that Craig Parent, Dennis Sanville and Doug Thoroughgood had been confirmed to be Umpiring in Baseball.


J) Waiver Update:  Mary Nyhan reported that the Belmont Baseball player that had asked to become a player in Laconia Little League has been approved and will become a member of a Laconia Little League Team.  This is a one-time required approval and is good for the length of the player’s Little League career.


K) Memory Benches:  One bench has been completed in the name of Bert Decormier.   Charlie Beede will complete the bench installation once the concrete base has been completed.


L)_Dugouts for Field D:  Dave Plourde reported that he is progressing with the dugouts and they will be completed this season.   Boulia-Gorrell is donating the materials for the roofs.  Blocks are being donated by Gilbert Block.   Dave also reported that 2 miscellaneous donors have agreed to cover the rest of non-donated expenses associated with the dugouts.


M) Scoreboard for Field D:  Scoreboard for Field D is still inoperative.   Lora and Rob Friend will work on before next meeting.


N)  Mandatory Managers & Coaches Meetings:  Meetings will be held in 2 separate meetings this year.  The first meeting will be for Minor and Major Coaches and Managers and the second meeting will be for Tee-Ball and Instructional Division Coaches and Managers.


O)  Local Rules:   Local rules were reviewed by the Board and approved.




New Business: 


A) Garden Hoses:  A request was made for 2 new garden hoses for Colby Field.  The request was approved by the Board.


B) Managers & Coaches Approval:  Mary Nyhan presented the list of Managers and Coaches for the 2010 Laconia Little League Season.  The list was reviewed by the Board and approved by the Board.  Ron O’Connor, Jr. will load the Managers and Coaches into the website.



Motion to adjourn at 7:45pm.  All approved.


Next meeting:  April 12, 2010 at 6:30pm in the Laconia Room at Colby Field.