Pledge I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best.

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RVYSEF - Rich Velasquez Youth Sports Equipment Foundation

How we got started




The Rich Velasquez Youth Sports Equipment Foundation was founded to honor one of the Lakes Regions more avid youth sports supporters. Rich was active in many of the cities youth sports programs. He was an active Baseball Umpire of Laconia Little League and upper levels of play. Rich enjoyed umpiring and working with the players. He got to know many of the players on a personal level and they enjoyed carrying on conversations and getting to know him. While recruiting new players for tee ball, he would share info with his wife Cyndy. As part of the head start program in Laconia, she knew of families that would love to play but did not have the proper equipment.    She would tell Rich about these families. Then when she got home the next day, there on the table was the equipment the family needed to play. That is what Rich was about - Not wanting to be recognized for his efforts and being around, watching everyone playing and being active. That is why this foundation will make every effort to be sure no child is left out due to a lack of equipment or any other monetary issue.

          In June of 2008, Rich headed to the hospital with stomach pains. Finding out that he had gall stones was the start of what seemed to be major organ failure. After battling his health problems for 5 months in ICUs at 3 different hospitals, Rich passed away on November 15, 2008, having had problems with his Kidneys, controlling his Heart Rate, and Lungs.