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Laconia Little League: “Providing Programs for the City’s Youth for 58 Seasons”

Laconia Community Center

December 14, 2009




Role Call:  The following members were present:


Bill Salta                     Mary Nyhan                Julie Westcott             Justin Silva           Eric Nelson           

Ron O’Connor           John Silva                    Jack Batchelder          Jeff Stone             Lora Friend

Tammy Johnson


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.


Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from November 9, 2009 presented and approved by Board.  Ron will post minutes to website on December 15, 2009.


Treasurer’s Report:  Not in attendance


President’s Report:   President Mary Nyhan reported on the following 7 items;


A)  Memory Wall:  Mary Nyhan updated the Board on Bill Tuttle’s health.  Mary Nyhan made a request to have “How Sweet It Is” to be embroidered on all hats for the 2010 Laconia Little League Season.  Bill has picked out a picture of all of the founders of Laconia Little League for the memory wall.   Jack Batchelder shared his vision for the Memory Wall, which will be 8 feet wide with plaques, pictures, a locked cabinet and maybe a mirror on the back side.  It was also suggested by Bill Salta that we repair the water damaged wood at the bottom of the wall.


B) Granite Benches:   We need to get concrete slabs poured in the early spring


C) Pitching Clinics:   A discussion occurred about a person that offered to give Pitching Clinics.  Prices are being obtained for these clinics.


D) Calling Players about Saturday Clinics:   Bill and Mary will discuss this in the coming week.   Dates have been set for all clinics and are posted on the website.


E) Release of Belmont Baseball Player to Laconia Little League:  Matt Pluskus has asked to be released from Belmont Baseball and has received their ok to do so.  A discussion about this was very positive by the board and Bill Salta made a motion to accept Matt Pluskus into Laconia Little League and seconded by Justin Silva.


F) Calendar Raffle:  Mary has the Calendar books and the cost was $600 for 500 books of Calendars


G) Scoreboard and Thank yous:  Scoreboard is up and we should send Thank You cards to all involved.  List of folks involved will be sent to John Silva.



Equipment:  Jeff Stone will submit the order to Piche’s this winter and is working on the list of equipment.  Tammy suggest Incrediballs for the softball program, also. 


2010 Uniforms:  President Mary Nyhan went over the uniform changes for Little League for the 2010 Season.  It was noted that the good polyester Major League uniforms are no longer available and many of our colors are no longer available.  Legion needs a color for this year and the board agreed on Green for Legion.  Elks will need a color for the 2011 season.


Old Business:   Parade;  We need to contact the Sheriff for use of their parking lot.  Laconia Police chief Mike Moyer will speak at the Opening Cermony and we will contact the new Mayor Mike Seymour about speaking, also.  We also need to find a priest for Opening Ceremonies.  There is a $25 Parade Fee that we will need to pay to the City of Laconia.


Registration:  We will open up on-line registration starting December 15, 2009.  Ron O’Connor will send out weekly reminders.  Registrants will still be required to attend one of our Registration Nights in February 2010 to pick up their calendars and to pay their Registration fees.


Lifetime Board of Directors:  President Mary Nyhan and the Board discussed the Lifetime Board of Directors (formerly Lifetime Members). 


Sound System:  Jack Batchelder and Mary Nyhan confirmed that the Achbers had left a fund believed to be for the sound system for Laconia Little League and Jack will ask the Achber's about the funding for a new sound system for Colby Field.


New Business:   There was no new business to discuss at this time.


Updates for Constitution, By-Laws and League Procedures:   Mary Nyhan presented the fact that these have not been updated for 5 years.  Copies were provided to all Board Members and the various sections were divided up amongst Board Members to be reviewed and updated.  The Board agreed on a meeting to discuss and implement any changes on January 17, 2010 at the Irwin Zone, where we will have access to the internet and a conference room.


For next meeting:  Readying for Registration Nights.


Motion to adjourn at 7:55pm.  All approved.


Next meeting:  January 11, 2010 at 6:30 at the Community Center.