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Paul Ouellette Good Sport Award

  The Paul Ouellette Good Sportsmanship Award is awarded to a Minor Division Baseball player who demonstrates good sportsmanship and team spirit equal to that displayed by Paul during his Little League career. 

Background/History of Award:   "Paul Ouellette was a quiet young man who exemplified every criteria of a "good sport".    He loved the game and always showed the ability to be a Good Sport and leader.
Paul distinguished himself by accomplishing the previously mentioned, while battling cancer for over nine years.   He recovered and relapsed many times in his short life.   At one time he had just recovered from a bone marrow procedure, and was on the practice field a few days late, but there he was, with his smile, ready to start a new baseball season.
Despite numerous advances and setbacks, each time Paul returned he did so with the same old confidence and ability to recover and "play ball".   This was something that left his coaches and team mates in awe.   He touched us with his positive attitude and sportsmanship." - Jim Presher, Paul's Coach.

In 1991 Paul was nominated and won the Little League Eastern Region Good Sport Award.   Paul died in 1995 at the age of 15.   The first Paul Ouellette award was presented that year, 1995.

2009 Recipient:        Devon Hodgson

2008 Recipient:        Garrett Guilmett

2007 Recipient:        No Recipient

2006 Recipient:        Brady Caldwell

2005 Recipient:        Stephen Tskaris
2004 Recipient:        Charlie Weimann
2003 Recipient:        Faolan Connelly

2002 Recipient:        Matthew Wellmann & Aaron Corbin

2001 Recipient:        Jeremiah Dea

2000 Recipient:        Nick Murry

1999 Recipient:        Neal Murphy

1998 Recipient:        Meagan Shannon

1997 Recipient:        Joshua Samson

1996 Recipient:        Michael Anderson

1995 Recipient:        Jacob Quimby