Pledge I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best

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Mr. Little League Award

Criteria:   The Mr. Little League Award is presented to a 12 year old Major League Baseball player that helps his/her team mates, always tries hard, sets a good example, demonstrates good sportsmanship, plays fair at all times and is a team player.   

Background/History of Award:   The "Mr. Little League Award" is dedicated in the memory of Antonia Demers and was donated by the Youth Activities Committee of the Lodge of Elks #876 in Laconia.  The first year this award was presented was in 1971.


2018 Recipient:       Kaden Dolloff

2017 Recipient:       Sam Knowlton

2016 Recipient:

2015 Recipient:       Logan Dee

2014 Recipient:       Ryan Dee

2013 Recipient:       Dedric Salway

2012 Recipient:

2011 Recipient:        Riley Stone 

2010 Recipient:        James Duggan

2009 Recipient:        Sean Cashman

2008 Recipient:        Tim Kneuer

2007 Recipient:        John Woodbury
2006 Recipient:        Mikayla Blake

2005 Recipient:        Cary John Spanos

2004 Recipient:        Daniel Nethala

2003 Recipient:        Ben O'Brien

2002 Recipient:        Shane Selling

2001 Recipient:        Curtis Mailloux

2000 Recipient:        Timothy O'Brien

1999 Recipient:        Sean Groleau

1998 Recipient:        Benjamin Pearson

1997 Recipient:        Jake Colby

1996 Recipient:        Joshua Groleau & Joshua Bedard 

1995 Recipient:        Brett Boelig

1994 Recipient:        Willy Sack

1993 Recipient:        Brian Beauparlant, Tommy Dubois & Jon Farmer

1992 Recipient:        Joel Grace

1991 Recipient:        Jeff Morgan

1990 Recipient:        Chad Presher

1989 Recipient:        Craig Sanville

1988 Recipient:        Kristopher Knox

1987 Recipient:        Grady Charland & Ryan Shefferman

1986 Recipient:        Matthew Ruffle

1985 Recipient:        Chris Andriski

1984 Recipient:        Ryan Charland & Chris Legassie

1983 Recipient:        Jim Heney & Arthur Kirk

1982 Recipient:        Tom Brown

1981 Recipient:        Brian Quinlan

1980 Recipient:        Bill Brace & Bill Arruda

1979 Recipient:        Darcie Decormier & Tim Dunleavey

1978 Recipient:        Norm Nault

1977 Recipient:        Steve Prior

1976 Recipient:        Lorrie Kraft     

1975 Recipient:        Keith Walters

1974 Recipient:        Tom LaFrance

1973 Recipient:        Danny Dore

1972 Recipient:        Tom Saunders

1971 Recipient:        James Wright