Pledge I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best

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The Dick Fields Memorial Umpire Award

Criteria:  The Dick Fields Memorial Umpire Award is award to a Laconia Little League Umpire for his/her exemplary service equal to the dedicated service Dick provided our league for many years.

Background/History of Award:   The Dick Fields Memorial Umpire Award was established in 2001.  Dick became a Little League volunteer in 1977 while servicing as a coach in T-ball.  Dick continued coaching until becoming an umpire in 1983, and umpired until his death in 2001.  Dick also served as an active tournament umpire from 1983 to 2000.
Dick left us in 2001 and is sadly missed.  His love of the youth of Laconia and the love of Little League Baseball will carry on for years to come.  If you list at the games you can still hear Dick's call... "Gotcha!" ...  "You're OK!" ...  Thank you, Dick, we miss you!

2010 Recipient:       Rudy Hawkins

2009 Recipient:       Mike Ellsworth

2008 Recipient:       Jack Batchelder

2007 Recipient:       Don Isabelle

2006 Recipient:       Rich Velasquez

2005 Recipient:       Bert Decormier

2004 Recipient:       John Calvin 

2003 Recipient:       Scott Fields

2002 Recipient:       Art Johnson

2001 Recipient:       Robert Cunningham