Pledge I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best.

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Laconia Little League (LLL) strives to place each player into a league level and on a team that will provide the player with the best opportunity to learn and to compete. The goals of LLL are to provide a positive environment for learning the sport of baseball and the values of good sportsmanship and team play. Final league placement is determined by the Player Agent based primarily on the end-of-season manager evaluation assessment and Spring evaluations scores. Parental preference is noted only at the Tee Ball and Instructional Coach-Pitch levels when making a placement decision.

Ages are a general guideline only.

Tee Ball Baseball

  • League Ages 5-6

  • First year baseball

  • Practice before and at the beginning of the season are one weeknight & Saturday -1 hour in length 

  • Games start Opening Day and are one weeknight & Saturday each week - 3 innings (one hour total game time)

  • 2 Events total per week - practices and games

  • Hit off tee only, no coach pitch

  • All kids on field during game - no one sits on the bench, extra players in the outfield

Instructional (Coach Pitch) Baseball

  • League Ages 6 (with one year of Tee Ball), 7 and 8

  • Practice one night a week and on Saturday, before season starts, and once a week once the season begins.

  • Games start Opening Day and are one weeknight & Saturday each week - 4 innings (one and a half hours total game time)

  • Coach Pitch only, no player pitching 

  • Nine players in field during game - position rotation encouraged

  • All players bat (even if not in field) until 3 outs in inning or 5 runs ends half inning. Last inning is 3 outs.

  • No walks allowed, coaches are umpires.

Minors Baseball

  • Ages 9-11 (League age 8 year olds can tryout for Minors)

  • Games and practices are no more than 4 per week, including Saturdays & make-up games on Sundays

  • Players pitch to batters, coach pitches based on walk rules if necessary

  • Nine players in field during game - broad position rotation encouraged

Majors Baseball     

  • Ages 9-12

  • Games and practices are no more than 5 per week, including Saturdays & make-up games on Sundays  (no more than 3 practices per week)

  • Players pitch to batters, no coach pitch

  • Players are drafted and stay with team following years

  • Nine players in field during game - position focus starting to be employed

Any additional questions should be directed to Division Coordinators (please see Board of Directors tab)